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Bio: 1.High strength aluminum alloy structure, waterproof and moisture-proof, long life.Door leaf and frame connect as 45 degree design, with strengthened connector, beautiful and solid.
2.Stainless steel hinge, not rusty, high strength and durable.
3.Door frame with three chamber designs, good hardness, have independent drainage, can ensure drain smoothly and quickly under any circumstance.
4.Suitable for toilet,store, kitchen.
Frosted glass door is more and more popular in mordern decoration, it is widely used as shower doors, enclosures or screens to protect personal privacy. When used as shower doors, acid etched face needs to be positioned away from contact with the water.
Procedures to manufacture a door
Setp1 Choose profile system according to clients' requirements(there are many systems,we choose profile according to the open style and thickness of the glass);
Step2 design the window/door with CAD drawings(we provide the drawings to clients for their Confirmation before production);
Step3 work out the production list and give order to the workshop;
Step4 cut profile in needed length;
Step5 drill lock hole,drinage hole.Etc;
Step6 assemble the frame and sash(we use high quality aluminum corner connector to make the frame and sash stable enough);
Step7 install the hardware(use stainless steel screw);
Step8 combine the frame and sash;
Step9 check the quality;
Step10 package(wrapping film+wood pallet);
Step11 load the windows and doors in container for shipment.Clear Frosted Glass China
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