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Bio: Suzhou Feibo Heat and Cold Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. In the beginning, we only produced heat shrinkable products. In 2015, our company began to expand the scope of production to produce cold shrinkable products. We have built a new factory and we are preparing to enter the foreign trade market by 2018. At present, our products have been exported to India, Ukraine, Russia, Italy and other countries.
Our company is Jiangsu provincial high-tech enterprise, the company has strong technical strength, with a number of excellent material formulation and process development research professionals, and equipped with advanced production testing, process control and full range of facilities, has become one of the leading material manufacturers.
We adhere to the “quality based on the brand, a marketing-centric, service-oriented” business philosophy. Products are on a large scale, low-profit prices to seize the market, welcomed by the majority of customers.
Our company adheres to the service tenet of “based on quality brand, centered on marketing, and guided by honest service”. We have strong technical force and a group of domestic talents who are engaged in technical formulation and development research of heat shrinkable materials. And equipped with advanced process control and production testing facilities, and has a complete and scientific quality management system. In just a few years, our company has become one of the well-known heat shrinkable material manufacturers in China.
We specialize in the design, production and sales of heat shrinkable tubes, insulation sleeves, indoor and outdoor cable intermediate connections and cable terminations. Our company has a number of patent certificates and has passed ISO, UL, RoHS, SGS, CTI and other authoritative certifications at home and abroad. Our heat and cold shrinkable products are cheap and good, worthy of your trust!
Our company specializes in the production of heat shrinkable material DRS-1 series low temperature shrinkable flame retardant type tubes, and SBG series three times heat shrinkable sleeves, and PTG and PEG series non-flame retardant heat shrinkable tubings, and ZGR and MPG series high and low pressure bus protection tubes, and FJRD series composite insulated heat shrinkable bands, and DT half guide/insulated double wall heat shrinkable sleeves, and HTG-2 coated rubber in the wall nurse tubes, and heat shrinkable type power cable annex, a dozen a series.
1、heat shrinkable tube
2、heat shrinkable busbar
3、insulating tube
4、heat shrinkable terminal
5、heat shrinkable intermediate connection
6、cold shrinkable tube
7、cold shrinkable terminal
8、cold shrinkable intermediate connection
9、middle wall tube
10、double-wall heat shrik tube
11、cable accessories kit
12、other products
Our products are widely used in electric power, communications, electronics, metallurgy, mining, industry, mechanical and electrical, construction shipbuilding, petrochemical and other industries, is recommended by the national new products.Heat Shrink Tubing Kit manufacturers
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